Winning the regional competition of innovative projects

Winning the regional competition of innovative projects

The project of O.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications “” – Automated System for Choosing the Most Prospective Solutions for Building Broadband Access Networks” won the regional competition for innovative projects organized by the Odessa Innovation and Information Center LLC «ІНВАЦ» together with the Department of Education and Science of the Odessa Regional State Administration, the Southern Scientific Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Odessa Regional Organization of Employers of Scientific and Technical Institutions. The competition was confined to the Day of Science of Ukraine.

The authors of the project are employees of O.S. Popov ONAT: Kaptur V.A., Legunov O.O. and Stepanenko O.V.

The corresponding diploma was presented to the representative of the Academy during the solemn celebration of the Day of Science of Ukraine on May 18, 2018.

“Broadband Calculator” system  is an online service for choosing the technological basis for building broadband access networks (BAN), which is a universal platform that allows users to make detailed calculations for their own BAN development projects in different locations.

The main feature of the “Broadband Calculator” system is the use of a unique author’s methodology to determine the most appropriate way of building access networks in settlements, which uses the principle of simulation modeling of the network creation and operation process in order to assess the basic technical and economic indicators.

Проект здобув перемогу у номінації «Розвиток сучасних інформаційних, комунікаційних технологій, робототехніки».

The main advantage of the “Broadband Calculator” system is the possibility to significantly accelerate the initial design process (at the level of feasibility studies or business plans) of telecommunication access networks of various scale. The system can be used by both experienced designers and beginners.

The project won in the nomination “Development of modern information, communication technologies, robotics”.