“Star of the Academy – 2017”

“Star of the Academy – 2017”

May 23, 2017 the assembly hall of ONAT n.a. O.S. Popov held an annual grand beauty and talent contest “Star of the Academy – 2017”!

Chashchyna Irina and Oleksandr Demchenko kept the festive mood and encouraged the members of the event!

Rector of the Academy – Vorobienko Petro Petrovych opened the competition and wished success and victories to the girls. He also presented his traditional touching dance with Anastasiia Denysova.

Out of 5 participants it was necessarily to choose a charismatic, talented girl who would demonstrate her grace, ability to dress tastefully and their abilities and which will be awarded the title of “Star Academy – 2017”!

The jury had to solve this difficult problem that included:

– Head of the jury – rector of ONAT n.a. O.S Popov- Vorobiienko Petro Petrovych;

– vice-rector for the research work – Kaptur Vadym Anatoliiovych;

– vice-rector for the administrative and economic work -Oleh Jona Ivanovych;

– Head of the Department of Physical Education – Haliuza Serhii Serhiiovych;

– a graduate of the Academy, a fitness trainer of Women’s International Chain of fitness clubs “FITCURVES” – Anastasiia Denysova.

The first compeition was the energetic defile of the participants, including:

Participant №1 – Viktoriia Fedoniuk (ERI of KTA and L);

Participant number 2 – Diana Novikova (ERI of IC and PI);

Participant number 3 – Iuliia Kopanieva (ERI of RT and IS);

Participant number 4 – Iuliia Topor (ERI of ISP);

Participant number 5 – Sofiia Radomska (E and M).

The next challenge was the talent competition, where each of the participants demonstrated her abilities in different directions.

Participant №5 Sofiia Radomska demonstrated her talent with a musical composition “Tvoi glaza.” The participant №4 Iuliia Topor enslaved everyone’s heart as well with her song “Vahteram”. Diana Novikova, №2, demonstrated a lively dance “Boogie Woogie.” The next was Fedoniuk Viktoriia – the participant №1.  Iuliia Kopanieva, the participant number 3 from boxing school «SPARTA», demonstrated some lessons of self-defense to all present.

The last but one contest was about acting skills, where the girls showed their artistry.

Iuliia Topor recreated a piece of humorous show: «Comedy Women». Viktoria Fedoniuk was Anastasia from “Anastasia” cartoon. “Cinderella” performed by Sophiia Radomska returned everyone to childhood in the world of fairy tales. Diana Novikova demonstrated her artistry in as Tosia Kislitsyna from the film called “Divchata”. Iuliia Kopanieva chose Malvina character.

The last competition – a catwalk in evening dresses, where girls demonstrated their femininity and elegance.

After the last competition, the jury announced the final results:

Iuliia Topor – Artistry Star;

Iuliia Kopanieva – Elegance Star;

Diana Novikova – Grace Star;

Vice-Star of the Academy – Viktoria Fedoniuk;

Star of the Academy and People’s Choice Star – Sofiia Radomska!

Well-known activists of the Center of Humanitarian Education and Development: Dmitro Pavliuchenkov, the dance group «My own motivation», Anastasiia Kuzmina also participated in the concert.

All the participants received valuable souvenirs, and all present got good mood and pleasant memories.