One of the main directions of the activity of the Academy is the scientific work; it is an integral part of the training process, and also the scientific work of teachers, post-graduate students and students.

Staff and students of the Academy conducted research work almost from the first steps of its creation, and in 1934, the first collection of scientific works of the employees was published. But the real development of scientific work at the Academy was reached only in the post-war years. By 1949, technical base has already been created, that was necessary for the deployment of scientific work. This activity has contributed to the formation of research groups at the departments of the television, telecommunication, radio receivers, telephony. The first department which began the active work I the field was the department of television. We can say that the first scientific work, at that time it was done at the level of scientific work, was the development of the TV educational-experimental centre, which started the first test transmission in 1949. Construction of the TV center was an example of exceptional enthusiasm of students and young scientists, who, without sufficient experience, created technical equipment, and provided Odessa television programs within 5 years. In 1950 the department of television led the scientific work on the development of a new system of phototelegraph and recording of television programmes onto the film. The first system of pattern recognition in the USSR was developed here (TASS reported about the event  in 1956.). Also the scientific work was begun at the departments of telecommunication, transmission devices and other.

The Main, Customers at the time, in the Ministry of communications of the USSR were: the Technical management of the MT of the USSR, the Central research institute of communications (Moscow), Scientific-research institute of radio communication, Special design bureau of health ministry of the USSR, Kiev branch of the research INSTITUTE of communication (КВRIC), Leningrad branch scientific research INSTITUTE of communication (LBSRIC), in the Ministry of communications equipment industry of the USSR – Scientific-production association “Krasnaya zarya” (the city of Leningrad), all-Union scientific-research institute for television (Leningrad), Design bureau “Cable” (Ufa).

A significant part of the work was carried out on special themes for military enterprises (more than 25), known then  as the “Mail box”. Today in the scientific-technical sphere the Academy participates in the development of national programs of development of the industry, carries out the scientific-research and experimental-design works, scientific support for the restructuring of the network of postal communication and work on the design of linearly-cable constructions of communication networks of Ukraine. Main partners of ONAT in Ukraine are PJSC “Ukrtelecom”, UGEPC “Ukrpochta”, the State enterprise of special communications, Odessa port plant, Northern GOK, the system scientific institutions of the industry. The academy operates creative cooperation with the representations of foreign firms “Cisco Systems”, “Motorola”, in Italy and Great Britain; NIL Data Communications and Services GmbH (Austria), it has been working on the program of the European commission Tacis; cooperates closely with Regional Telecommunication Union with countries of the UIC, organizes and holds international, all-Ukrainian conferences, symposia and seminars.