in 2020/2021 academic year

STEP 1 (for all foreign entrants)

Send to the e-mail: scan (but not a photo!) copies of:

– Application form (download the form in English);

– Foreign passport with its translation into Ukrainian;

– Certificate of Complete Secondary Education (with marks/grades) and its translation into Ukrainian. If an entrant after school studied at another higher educational institution and graduated from it, it is also necessary to send the final qualification certificate (diploma) and extraction to the certificate (with obtained marks/grades and with quantity of teaching hours for each subject); if an entrant studied, but did not graduate from the higher educational institution and did not obtain the certificate, then it is necessary to send an academic reference from this educational institution (it should contain the information of the obtained marks/grades and teaching hours for each subject));

– Signed scan copy of Consent to personal data collection and processing (download the form in ⇒ English or ⇒ Ukrainian)

STEP 2 (for applicants from countries with visa requirements):

Get an invitation in International Department (one should come personally or send an authorized representative; one should have the passport!), take the Bank Details for visa support payment  in International Department and effect payment of 324,00 UAH in any bank. Copy receipt and submit it to the International Department.

STEP 3 (for applicants from countries with visa requirements):

After 7-10 days payment for visa support apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in your  own country for obtaining visa for education.

For countries with non-visa regime (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan): Visa is not required!!! Invitation can be obtained in International department (electronically is also possible).Original invitation for studies or its copy should be submitted upon the arrival in Ukraine.

For any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us:

Kuznechna Street, 1, room 302, 303

Odessa, 65029


Contact person:

Olena Shulgan, Vice-Rector in Scientific and Pedagogical Work and International Relations of ONAT


Phone/Fax : +380 48 7050224