After the end of the Great Patriotic war a lot of the war participants returned on the work in the institute (the former ОIC).

In 1975, the institute had more than 100 participants of the military activities, as well as participants of the war, who worked in the rear, and make every effort for the nationwide victory. Unfortunately, at the present time many of these people passed.

We are respectful to the memory of them. They deserve the most sincere respect:

Brezhnev Alexey Sidorovich, colonel, a fighter pilot, he was awarded many military orders and medals, and was the chairman of the Council of veterans of the institute;

Savchenko Fedor Ivanovich, a retired colonel, was awarded military orders; he worked as a teacher of the institute until his 90th anniversary and was an example of spiritual and physical strength;

Simontov Isaac Movshovich:  in the second world war he provided the link in the battle of Stalingrad; in the institute he worked as a senior lecturer and performed a huge amount of scientific and pedagogical work;

Yakubovsky Victor Vladimirovich, the holder of three orders of Glory; he fought in the artillery, and after the Great Patriotic war led the training laboratory of the department of telephony (now a department of the CT).

Our deep respect and bright memory to veterans who worked for many years in the institute: Dondukov N.I., Petrov, I.V., A. Khachaturov., Tyagnyryadno V.Y.

Many veterans have worked in their positions until the old age and retired only when the work was already impossible.

For almost 40 years veterans in the Academy bring together the Council of veterans, which at different times was headed by the participants of the military actions: Brezhnev A.S., Prikhodko N.N., Sherepa V.F., Bagatko K.A. Today the Council of veterans of the A.S. Popov ONAT is headed by professor Strelchuk E.N.

Thanks to the dedication of these sincere people, and also active work of the members of the Board Bagatko K.A., Kovalchuk V., Piskera M.N. and others, the veteran organization of  ONAT many years is one of the best organizations of the Primorsky district of Odessa.

Today, in the list of the veteran organizations of the Academy there are such categories of veterans:

– participants of the military operations in the Great Patriotic war – 24 people.;

– soldiers-internationalists – 3 (working in the Academy at different positions);

– participants of the war – 18, among them those who are still working in the Academy, 3 people.;

– labor veterans and children of the war – 124 people.

Despite their venerable age (33-th of them is older than 80 years), participants of military actions and participants of the war actively participate in the events held by the Council of veterans.

The Board congratulates the veterans each veterans with their Day of birth, as well as with all public holidays. In the anniversary dates of birth of the members of the Board together with the students-volunteers  visit the veterans and hand them valuable presents and flowers.

Every year on the eve of the Victory Day meetings of participants of the military activities with the students are held. At these meetings, the students directly communicates with the participants of the war, having the opportunity to hear the truthful, painful information about the history of our country.

The most active in such meetings are colonels Vasiliev A. G., Plotnikov N.I., Firsankov M.M., professor Yelvianinova N.A.., associate professor Sherepa V.F.

Such meetings are extremely necessary: young people learn about the heroism of the past generations, and veterans receive additional energy and confidence in the fact that they are essential to modern society.

Every year, on the eve of Victory Day, in the assembly hall of the Academy a festive concert is organized, where the rector of the A.S.Popov ONAT  personally welcomes each participant of the Great Patriotic war, and gives them flowers and gifts. After that veterans are invited to a festive dinner, during which they have the opportunity to communicate and share memories. Those who are not able to be present at the festive meeting are visited by students-volunteers at their homes.

In the Academy constantly there is an exposition dedicated to the participation of employees of ONAT in the Great Patriotic war. There are exhibitions of books about the war.

The materials of the museum of the Academy of covering the history of ONAS and participation of its employees in the Great victory and the establishment of the national economy, deserve special attention.

Every year the veterans of the war have a free subscription to newspapers.

War veterans take an active part in the events held by the Council of veterans of Primorsky district