The trade-union organization of employees of Academy has been created together with the Odessa institute of engineers of communication named after А.S. Popov in 1930.

At the head of the trade-union organization, last 40 years, were such employees of institute as: Sherepa V.F, Kolomijchuk L.M., Titenko V.F, Balashov F.K., Solop N.A.,  Strelchuk E.N., Andreev A.I.

Today the trade-union committee of employees of the Academy consists of 9 persons. The Head of the trade-union committee from March, 1988 the senior teacher of the department of business economics and corporate governance LiudmilaNikolaevna Vujtsik. Among the members of trade-union committee are teachers and employees of the Academy.

The trade-union committee addresses the issue of defense of the socio-economic rights of the employees, questions of a labor safety, exemptions at the initiative of administration, gives material aid to employees of the Academy who are in a difficult situation. The considerable attention is given to participants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

During the work of trade-union committee in this structure from February, 25th, 2000 on the present, there was given over 100 permits to employees of the Academy for health improvement on resorts of sanatoria like Hmelnik, Truskavets, Morshin, Zakarpatye, “Lermontovsky”, “Ukraine”, “Russia”, Kujalnik, etc.

Annually employees receive gifts and tickets for New Year’s holidays for the children, and in summer, at the expense of fund of social insurance, the permit for rest in children’s recreation camps (“Fantastic”, “the Young romanticist“, “Dream”, etc.). Monthly the trade-union committee gets tickets for theatrical performances for workers of the Academy.