Preparing specialists for foreign countries at Ukrainian educational establishments is one of the most important strategic directions of foreign policy and foreign economic activity of Ukraine. And training foreign citizens for entering higher educational institutions is the first and very important issue of the whole educational process for preparing foreign students for any Ukrainian higher educational establishments, Odessa National O.S. Popov Academy of Telecommunications, in particular.

Structural unit at ONAT which is responsible for preparation of foreign citizens for higher educational institution enrolment is the Preparatory Department (PD) for foreigners.

PD for foreign citizens with licensed quantity up to100 people was established at ONAT in 1998. Its further activity was carried out in accordance with the licenses of the State Commission on Academic Degrees and Titles (SCADT) of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. (No 6883 of 30.12.1999, No 429340 of15.04.2003, No 867761 of 02.11.2004). In June 2009 another license examination of PD activity was held and on the 2nd of June at the SCADT meeting (minute No 79) it was decided to prolong for another 10 years the license term of foreign citizens preparation for higher educational establishments enrolment with the licensed quantity of 150 people.

For 17 years of PD existence about 100 foreign citizens received certificates which give them right to enter higher educational establishments of Ukraine. The most important task of PD at ONAT is to prepare foreign entrants for successful studying at the Academy in specialized area, as well as at other universities of Ukraine in engineering, technical, economic and humanitarian specialties.

Structurally PD consists of the Head who is directly subordinated to the Vice-Rector of Foreign Relations and two experienced methodologists that organize and control scientific, methodological, teaching and educational work at PD in the areas of language training, humanitarian and natural sciences. Besides different organization-supervising activities (as, for example, educational process scheduling, timetables etc.), the main field of their work is the coordination of teaching of Ukrainian (Russian) language, Natural and Humanities Sciences under the curricula and work programs, control over keeping to one language regime in educational process and over the content of a subject taught at PD in a certain direction.

Since 2003 leadership of PD is entrusted to Associate Professor at Linguistic Training Department. Associate Prof. S.A. Karpova is a skilled lecturer (her scientific experience is more than 40 years), she specializes exactly in the peculiarities of the methodology of Russian and Ukrainian languages teaching as foreign ones at the initial stage (about 50 teaching methodological manuals and scientific works were published by her), she possesses organizational skills which helps her to select the staff successfully and to guide PD work effectively.

Teaching process at ONAT PD is carried out in accordance with the curricula of preparatory departments and syllabi recommended by Scientifically Methodological Commission of MSE of Ukraine for preparing foreign citizens for entering the universities. Syllabi on each subject are updated every year and are confirmed by Scientifically Methodological Commission of ONAT. PD methodologists work out educational process schedules for each group, they are also constantly monitoring the implementation of the curricula and syllabi by the lecturers.

The knowledge quality control system is always being improved, basic subjects quizzes and self-studying tasks and tests are always being updated.

Teaching of subjects at PD are provided by the corresponding ONAT departments: Department of Linguistics provides the teaching of Ukrainian (Russian), principles of Ukrainian and Foreign Literature and National Studies, Department of Mathematics – Mathematics, Department of Physics – Physics, Department of Information Technologies – principles of Computer Science and Computer Engineering etc.) . These departments choose separate lecturers to teach at PD who are subordinated to the Head of PD. The PD staff of special departments that are involved in PD work is constant. At present 53,1% of lecturers with an academic degree are engaged into PD work. All the lecturers that work for PD for foreign citizens have a great work experience and have repeatedly raised their qualification at the leading higher educational establishments.

All PD lecturers take part in the state budget scientific research work of Department of Linguistics and also in the work of the scientific methodological seminar of the same Department. The problems of educational process advancing and improvement of foreigners training effectiveness for higher educational establishment entering is a constant subject of presentations and discussions of the seminar as well as scientific researches and publications in scientific manuals of ONAT and other works.

During last years the lectures working at PD for foreigners created and published 23 study guides. They are actively used in educational process. Among them there are, for example:    ”Studying the History of Ukraine”. The study guide for foreigners Odessa, 2005 – 4,0  p.s.(Compiling editors S.A. Karpova, V.E. Pylypenko).

”The Basics of the World Economics and Social Geography”. Study guide for foreigners – Odessa, 2005,- 3,2p.s.(Compiling editors: N.E. Karpova, N.A. Maslova, T.I. Ignatenko “Physics. Part 1 (Mechanics). Introductory course for foreigners studying for Engineering at PD. Academic Speech Style – Odessa, 2006.-2,0 p.s. (Compiling editors: S.A. Karpova, V.E. Gorbachev).

”Russian-English-Chinese Dictionary on Physics” – Odessa, 2006.-2,1 p.s. (Compiling editors: S.A. Karpova, V.E. Gorbachev ).

”Test in Ukrainian for foreigners (for beginners)”. Odessa: ONAT, 2006. – 0,9 p.s. (Compiling editor S.A. Karpova).

“Test works in Ukrainian for Preparatory Department students”- Odessa: ONAT, 2007. – 1,0p.s. (Compiling editor: L.E. Raskhodchikova). “Tests for self-studying in Ukrainian. Study guide for Preparatory Departments foreign students”. – Odessa: ONAT, 2008 – 2,0 p.s. (Compiling editors: S.A. Karpova, L.E. Raskhodchikova ).

“The Basics of Ukrainian and Foreign Literature”. – Odessa, ONAT, 2010. – 3,0  p.s. (Compiling editors N.O. Maslova, L.E. Raskhodchikova).

“The Basics of Economic and Social World Geography”.  – Odessa, ONAT, 2011. – 2,0 p.s. (Compiling editors N.O. Maslova, L.E. Raskhodchikova).

“Principles of Ukrainian and Foreign Literature”, Part II. – Odessa, ONAT, 2014. – 3,25 p.s. (Compiling editors: S.A. Karpova, L.E. Raskhodchikova, N.O. Maslova).

“Principles of Economy and Social World Geography”. Part II. – Odessa, ONAT, 2014. – 3,0 p.s. (Compiling editors: S.A. Karpova, N.O. Maslova, L.E. Raskhodchikova,) etc.

Pedagogical work with foreigners plays its own important role in PD work. The lecturers of Linguistics Department are assigned as tutors for each group of PD. Besides educational work, they carry out explanatory pedagogical work, acquaint foreigners with local realities, visit dormitories, keep in touch with their students’ parents, help foreigners to accustom to staying in Ukraine.

Great attention in PD work is given to the development of PD material base. The Department is fully provided with educational places for the whole studying term. The total area of classes equipped for training of foreigners is about 390 square meters. Among them there are a computer room, equipped with 10 computers connected to the Internet and 14 study rooms. They are locally situated and equipped according to their target aim (Ukrainian and Foreign Literature classroom, History and Geography classroom, Nature Sciences classroom). They have a lot of visual educational materials. There are also enough other educational technical facilities for education. They are located in the Linguistic centre (wide-screen TV set “Philips” 32 pw 8620/12, DVD player, overhead projector with a screen, 4 computers and a laptop). They are also intensively used for lessons at PD. All the above mentioned staff gives the possibility to vary the forms of educational and pedagogical work and to improve the training quality of foreigners entering the higher educational establishments in Ukraine, ONAT, in particular, in main educational streamlines.

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