1. Development of the concepts and methodologies of next-generation network design.
  2. Development of a communication and application software for telecommunication networks.
  3. Development and implementation of infocommunication services at the modern software platforms for the telecommunications networks.
  4. Development of the design regulatory documentation (government and industry documents).
  5. Design of the linear cable facilities and Communications Networks of Ukraine .
  6. Implementation of the examinations of telecommunication networks and systems projects.
  7. Study of the effectiveness of the use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine and the capabilities of covering the territory of Ukraine with broadcasting.
  8. Study of the energy properties of the electromagnetic field at expofunctional excitation.
  9. Research on the improvement of the organizational and technological infrastructure of the Postal Communications of Ukraine.
  10. Research on the telecommunication operators structures and operating simulation modeling.
  11. The development of image quantization algorithms and recognition of handwritten and printed characters.
  12. Development of telecommunication tools and protocols.
  13. Research in the field of quantum information protection methods.
  14. The development of business plans, advertising strategies and strategic plans for the development of the state and non-state organizations and companies.
  15. Infocommunications, telecommunications and postal services market analysis.
  16. Methodology of the dominant operator determining.
  17. Development of the guidelines for the construction of the organizational and functional structure of the interaction between the participants of the telecommunications market.
  18. Development of the guidelines on the organization of financial and analytical activities of the participants of the telecommunications market: operators, central executive authorities.
  19. Development of the standards and other regulatory documents in the sphere of tele- and infocommunications.
  20. Development of the methods of the radio frequency resource use economic efficiency increase (technical and economic aspects).
  21. Regulation of the work of cable TV operators.
  22. Simplification of the mechanisms of the access to the market of telecommunication services.
  23. Ensuring of the effective regulation of the market on the basis of exante.
  24. Ensuring the right of consumers to choose the telecommunications and telecommunications services operators.
  25. Participation in speeding up and implementation of the state policy of the telecommunications sphere regulation concerning universal telecommunications services.
  26. Creating an enabling environment for the introduction of third generation mobile communication technology.
  27. Creating a regulatory methodological basis for assessing and monitoring the quality of telecommunication services and customer servicing.
  28. The development of an analytical cost accounting systems of telecommunications operators.
  29. The development of the cost determining techniques for:
  • universal postal services;
  • public telecommunications services;
  • infocommunication services.

 30. The development of the tariff determining techniques for:

  • interconnection;
  • postal services;
  • telecommunications services;
  • infocommunication services;
  • use of radio frequency resource..

31. Design and construction of OSS/BSS telecommunications operators.

32. Development of the integrated systems of telecommunication companies budgeting building.

33. Organizational-economic modeling of the activities of the telecommunications operators, providers, postal services operators.

34. Development of the techniques of the implementation of the technical and economic justification of the telecommunications project.

35. Improvement of tariff regulation mechanisms in the field of telecommunications.