General information about the library

The library is a unit ONAT. O.S. Popov. Established in 1930, together with the Institute of Engineers of communication. In the early years of its foundation library does not exceed 2 000 units of print, and it served more than 450 readers.

At this stage of the book fund has over 600 thousand. Copies. Subject fund is diversified, telecommunications systems, information security and data transmission networks, fiber-optic communications, IT, radio, television and radio physics of optical communications, computers and microprocessors, information and management, economics and management, network and systems and other postal services. Much of the fund – a book on natural sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry and others. Guests have a choice of readers of literature, domestic and foreign, as well as books on history, social sciences, arts and others. Gradually updated literature, both in print and electronically. Every year the library subscribes to a large number of domestic and foreign magazines and newspapers. Language editions: Ukrainian and Russian. There are publications in English, French, German. Annually the library serves about 20 000 readers.

Search the library apparatus consists of a paper library catalogs and files, electronic catalog, fund of bibliographic editions.

Since 2004 is an electronic catalog and the main reference card index of journal articles. EC replenished as new acquisitions and retro. Using ALIS Unilib.


Four databases:

  • bibliographic descriptions of book publications;
  • analytical descriptions of periodicals;
  •  Academy; scientists theses
  • media editorial and publishing center ONAT. O.S Popov.


Academy Library is constantly improving its information and communication environment, which is an essential part of electronic information resources. Creating Electronic Library has become a priority in the development of the library.Library – a unique complex which consists of an electronic catalog, fund full-text electronic documents and electronic publications on CD-ROM.