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From left to right: the assistant of the rector for legal issues Zaklada Yuri Grigorievich,
the leading legal adviser Kalyuzhny Dmitry Yurievich

The legal department of the Odessa  A.S. Popov National Academy of Communications was established on January 21, 2005. It was headed by Zaklada Yuri Grigorievich.

Zaklada Yuri Grigorievich graduated from the legal faculty of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov State University in 1979. After that he was in leadership positions of the Odessa regional committee of the komsomol, the people’s control of the Kiev district of the city; also he worked in Odessa trade union committee of the “Odessapromstroy” and others.

In 1985 he was elected as the people’s judge of the Leninsky district court of  Odessa, where he fruitfully worked for almost 20 years.

In September 2004, he resigned from the post of deputy chairman of the Leninsky district court of  Odessa and in January 2005, he continued to work in the A.S.Popov ONAT as an assistant of the rector for legal issues.

Since September 2008, in the legal department Kalyuzhny Dmitry Yurievich has worked fruitfully as a legal adviser. He is a graduate of Odessa Institute of Internal Affairs, a master of law, who began his labor activity in 2002 as an assistant to a lawyer, after that he continued to work in the field of economic and civil-legal relations in the positions of a lawyer in private enterprises of .

The Main the tasks of the legal department are:
– ensuring the observance of legality in activity of the Academy;
– Legal protection of the legal interests of the Academy;
– Contract, claims and claim work,
– Advice to heads of structural divisions and other employees of the Academy of legal issues arising during their activities;
– Coordination and direct participation in the preparation of orders and other acts of the Academy of regulating the relations of the structural subdivisions;
– Verification of compliance of the legislation of projects of orders and other acts submitted to the signature of the rector, preview them in the presence of coordination of these projects of the concerned divisions;
– Participation in the preparation and conclusion of agreements (contracts) with other enterprises, institutions, organisations and physical persons-entrepreneurs.

The legal department has the right: verify the observance of legality in the activity of the structural divisions of the Academy; to request and receive reference and other materials from the structural units, what is necessary for the implementation of the activities of the department; to submit in the established procedures of the Academy in bodies of state power, other institutions and organizations on matters within the competence of the department; take actions upon detection of violations of the law at the Academy, to report on these violations directly to the rector.