Educational work of the department is extremely important, since most of the students communicate with the teachers. During the lecture, practical and laboratory studies of the department faculty have the opportunity to conduct their own example and sharing to young people experiences to communicate the principles of active life position, to inculcate an interest in teaching and research activities, to educate patriotic consciousness, universal moral and spiritual values.

A special type of educational work of teachers of the department is the curatorial activities. The curators appointed by the young staff, because the pressing problems of the youth is closer to them. So in the curatorial work at the undergraduate attracted Perekrestov I.S. and Oryabinska О.A. and senior years (students enrolled after college) Plyatsek О.E. Curatorial work is very important, as much of a non-local students and formed the identity of the young person is in need of psychological support, which they lost, left without direct parental care.

The curators of the department throughout the year accompany and monitor the progress of students, their compliance with the sanitary standards in dormitories, organize methodological assistance, analyze interpersonal relationships for the detection and prevention of conflicts, exhibit and attract talented young people to participate in cultural events on the curatorial hours carry out educational work, which should help the comprehensive development and formation of personality.

Curator is the first person in the Academy, to whom the student can ask for help with their own proposals and to receive the full support and understanding.

The main principle of education of young people in the department is “personal example”, which in the opinion of teachers, is the most effective and provides a continuous process of implementation of educational work. Teachers of the department never forget that the education of young people is troublesome and in good faith are to perform their duties.

For the department assigned a dorm room №4 are visited throughout the year in accordance with the schedule approved by the Department of duty.

For the Department schools №38, №47, №50 and №56 of Odesa are fixed. For this type of work Plyatsek О.E., Rosenwasser D.M. and Oryabinska О.A. is involved. Under this type of work carried out conversations with schoolchild where they were introduced to the training areas at the Academy and the conditions of admission to preparatory courses.

At the Department of second-year students linear practice is organized, which in addition to professional skills are taught by professional ethics, and establish relations in the team.