Over the past 50 years, the main focus of the research work at the department is to improve noise immunity and efficiency of communication systems is the development of effective methods of coding and modulation, modems and codecs terrestrial, mobile and satellite communications. Research carried out in collaboration with scientific and industrial groups the cities of Kyiv, Sevastopol, Moscow, with the support of the Administration of Communications of Ukraine.

At present, the department carried out research work on the subject: signal processing methods that provide efficient use of resources, communication channels. In doing research work involving all the teachers of the department. To perform the work involved students 2-6 courses to prepare for performance reports, reports on conferences. Students of the fifth and sixth courses on research works carried out master’s works, diploma projects.

Direct participation in the implementation of scientific research of the department, are educating new staff required to work in the conditions of scientific and technological progress. Over the years, the department defended 49 candidate and three doctoral dissertations. The results of scientific research are widely used in the educational process. The department is involved in scientific-technical and scientific-methodical conferences.