A.G. Zyuko Telecommunication theory department.

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The A.G. Zyuko Telecommunication theory department is one of the leading departments of Educational and Scientific Institute of Radio, Television and Information Security (ESI RTIS).


History of the department

Considering the history of the department, should refer to the beginning of the 60s of the last century. Then one of the leading departments of the institute was the Department of radio receivers and amplifiers, headed by well-known scientist in the field of amplifiers Professor Rizkin A. In 1965, at the invitation of the administration came to work at the institute, Professor Zyuko A.G. At the same time the department of radio receivers and amplifiers it was divided into two separate department. One of them – the department of radio receivers, on the basis of which was eventually established the Department of electric communication theory, headed by Professor Zyuko A.G.


Zyuko Glebovich Andrew graduated from the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communications in 1947 with a degree in radio engineering. The main areas of his scientific activity were: noise immunity and efficiency of data transmission systems, the statistical theory of communication. Along these lines, he prepared his thesis “The capacity of the radio receiver, and interference immunity for a large level fluctuation noise” (1952) and doctoral dissertation on “Immunity and efficiency of communication systems” (1964). The results of his scientific activity were reflected in more than 70 scientific papers, including the monograph “Immunity and efficiency of communication systems” (first published in 1963, revised edition in 1972 and in 1985). He was co-author of textbooks “signaling theory” and “Theory of telecommunications”. In 1975, under the editorship of Zyuko A.G. issued the textbook “Radio receivers”. Zyuko A.G. founded the Odessa school of statistical communication theory, was the organizer of symposia on the interference immunity of communication problems, which were held once every two or three years from 1967 to 1999, in Odessa. Under his leadership, prepared and defended three doctoral dissertations and 35 master’s theses. He was a member of the editorial boards of the series of publications “Statistical Theory of Communication” magazine and “Telecommunications”. Since 1965, the department under the leadership of Zyuko A.G. was deployed a broad front of research works to improve noise immunity and efficiency of satellite communications systems. In 1970, on this issue at the department based industrial research laboratory. Developed and implemented highly efficient modulation and coding system. Zyuko A.G. has made a significant contribution to the development of the educational process: in 1966, has developed and taught a new educational discipline “signaling theory”. Zyuko AG was elected vice-president of the Ukrainian Academy of Communications, he was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Higher School and Honorary Member of the USSR STD RES, repeatedly elected Chairman of the Board of the A.S. Popov Odessa Regional STD RES.

At the time of foundation of the department of radio receivers worked here: Associate Professor, PhD. Simontov J.M .; Associate Professor, PhD. Levitan G.I.; Associate Professor, PhD. Polyakov I.A.; Associate Professor, PhD. Korobov, Yu.F. .; Senior Lecturer Riga P.C.; Yastrzhembsky V.D. In 1967, the department received the name of radio receivers and signal theory. In connection with the reorganization of the department faculty replenished Banquet V.L., Dyrda V.E., Ivashchenko PV In the early seventies the teaching staff includes: Ivanov M.F., L.E. Sawicki, Lysenko L.V. In 1989, the department was called the theory of electric communication, the department was headed by Prof. V.L. Banquet.

Banquet Viktor Leonidovich graduated from Odessa Electrotechnical Institute of Communications in 1960 with a degree in radio engineering. He defended his thesis “Study of error-correcting demodulators FM signals” (1970) and doctoral thesis “The theory of the group of signal-code structures and its application within the messaging system” (1989). For many years he was responsible executive and head of the research work carried out at the department. According to the results of research published over 100 scientific papers, seven textbooks including co-authored two monographs: “Immunity and efficiency of communication systems” (1985) and “The digital techniques in satellite communications” (1988). 19 certificates of authorship protected inventions. Under the leadership of V.L. Banquet We prepared and defended 10 PhD dissertations. He participated in the magazine editors’ Publications ONAT, “Zvyazok” and “Proceedings UNIIRT”.

From 2003 to 2006 the department was headed by Prof. V.M. Plotnikov

Since 2006 the department is headed by Professor P.V. Ivashchenko – One of the students professor Zyuko A.G. Ivashchenko P.V. In 1976 he defended his thesis “The effect of discrete-messaging systems on channels with limited bandwidth.” After defending his doctoral dissertation sphere of his scientific interests was the digital signal processing in communications and broadcasting systems. He prepared two candidates technical Sciences. Ivashchenko P.V. He made a significant contribution to the formulation of new training courses for the preparation of bachelors, masters and specialists in the direction of “Radio” – is “Signals and processes in electronics”, “Information Radio Systems”, “Reception and Signal Processing”, “Satellite information systems.” The basis of these disciplines put its scientific development.

In 2003, the department was named Zyuko A.G. to perpetuate the memory of a great scientist and teacher, who has done much for the development of electric communication theory, educational and scientific work of the Academy and the department in particular.