Teachers of the department of technical electrodynamics and radio communication systems are taught fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines, which include:

Name Lecturers
Technical electrodynamic Ph.D. O.V. Solomko
Ph.D. O.V. Solomko
Electrodynamicandradiowavepropagation Ph.D. M.V. Rozhnovskiy
Fieldsandwavesintechnicalsecurityinformationsystems. Ph.D. V.I. Gladkih
Antennas and UHF devices professor, T.A. Tsaliev
Ph.D.I.Yu. Rozhnovska
Mobile communication system Ph.D. M.V. Rozhnovskiy
Ph.D.I.Yu. Rozhnovska
teac.A.O. Pospelova
Antennas systems professor, T.A. Tsaliev
Radio communication system professor, E.O. Sukachev
Technology of networks and systems of wireless communication Ph.D. M.V. Rozhnovskiy
Mobile and trunking communication systems Ph.D. M.V. Rozhnovskiy
professor, E.O. Sukachev
Satellite systems of communication and navigation Ph.D.I.Yu. Rozhnovska
Environment of analysis and design of antennas and microwave tract Ph.D. M.V. Rozhnovskiy
Radiomeasuring devices of microwave range Ph.D. M.V. Rozhnovskiy
Electromagnetic compatibility of electronic means professor, T.A. Tsaliev