The Department of Technical Electrodynamics and radio communication systems (TED and RCS) was established in 1998, on the Department of Electrodynamics information systems (EDIS) and radio communication systems (RCS) by their association.

At present, the department taught subjects and courses in preparation for bachelors in the specialties: 6.050901 Radio; 6.050903 Telecommunications; 6.170102 systems of technical protection of information, and discipline within the training and masters on specialties: 7.05090103, 8.05090103 electronic devices, systems and complexes; 7.05090102, 8.05090102 radio equipment, radio and television; 7.05090303, 8.05090303 Technology and Telecommunications. Courses taught by the academic staff of the department Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Methodical work department aimed at continuous improvement of the existing methodological framework disciplines and the development of new courses using modern multimedia technology.

The department conducted research in the field of antennas and microwave devices, appliances, wireless devices and telecommunications, sonar communication system. In these areas in the department preparing for the diploma and master’s theses, master’s and doctoral theses.

Material and technical staff includes 7 specialized laboratories, including: laboratory of “cellular and trunking networks”; “RRL and digital satellite communication systems”; “Antennas and microwave devices”; “Technical electrodynamics”; “Propagation of radiowaves”; “Electromagnetic compatibility”; “Fields and waves in systems of technical security of information” and the study course and diploma projects. All laboratories are equipped with specialized training complexes, which include equipment and base stations of cellular trunking communication systems, antennas and antenna systems, specialized measuring complexes, three multimedia projectors, computer lab and others.