Educational and Research Institute of Radio, Television and Information Security (ERI RT and IS) was established at the end of 2005 on the basis of Faculty of Radio Communication, Broadcasting and TV of ONAT n.a. O.S. Popov. Since January 2013, Doctor of Science, Professor, State prize winner of Ukraine in science and technology, Vasiliu Yevhen Viktorovych, is the Head of the Institute.

Members of the Directorate of the Institute for today: responsible for academic work Ph.D. Pyliavsky Volodymyr Vasyliovych, responsible for the practical training of students and vocational work Ph.D. Markolenko Pavlo Iuriiovych, coordinator of educational work Kiiko Svitlana Mykolaiivna.

The following graduate departments belong to ERI RT and IS:

– Television and Radio Broadcasting, headed by PhD, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine Gofaizen Oleh Viktorovych;

– Technical Electrodynamics and Radio Communication  Systems, headed by Ph.D., associate professor Rozhnovsky Mykhailo Vasyliovych;

– Information Security and Data Transfer, headed by doctor of technical sciences, professor, honored worker of Ukraine Zakharchenko Mykola Vasyliovych;

and also the following departments:

– The Theories of Electrical Connection n.a.. A.G Ziuko, headed by prof. Ivashchenko Petro Vasyliovych;

– Metrology, Standardization and Certification, headed by Ph.D. Kozachenko Mykhailo Terentiiovych;

– Physics of Optical Communication, headed by PhD, professor, State prize winner of Ukraine in science and technology, Vikulin Ivan Mykhailovych.


Today RT and IS Institute provides trainings for “Bachelor” and “Master” level of education, according to education system of Ukraine. There are such fields of training: “Radio Engineering”, “Radio Communication., Broadcasting and Television Equipment” specialty; “Information Security”, “Technical Information Security Systems” and “Information and Communication Systems Security” specialties.

Since 2016/2017 academic year, there has been created a new specialty called “Cybersecurity” (Information Technologies field) to graduate bachelors and masters at ERI of RT and IS.

Experts in cybersecurity are very popular at Ukrainian and international labor markets, particularly those who are qualified to perform the operation, modernization and maintenance of information security facilities; designing and development of systems and information security facilities; organizational and technical support of complex information security systems; technical information security at program-controlled telephone stations; analytical and theoretical researches in cybersecurity field; designing, creating and operating of banking security systems; providing of information security in information and communication systems and networks, and in the Internet.

Bachelors and Masters of cybersecurity are involved to work in organizations, institutions and enterprises in the sphere of management: Administration of State Special Communications and Information Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Special Systems”, security agencies in the field of information security in business and banking (information security system and CCTV monitoring), and many others.

The main customers and partners in training specialists of radio engineering and TV is broadcasting, radio and television concern, Administration of the State Service of Special Communication and Information Security, the State Committee of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting. The National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine, National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio, National TV and radio componies, and mobile operators are also interested in our graduates.

Graduates of ERI of RT and IS are valued for qualified professional and thorough technical preparation, possession of modern methods and means of programming, thorough knowledge of radio electronic systems, radio communication systems, broadcasting and television systems and technical information security, and cybersecurity.