The staff of the department considers teaching and personal development as two indivisible processes. Particular attention is paid to the development of conformist abilities, communication abilities, and creativeness of the future advertisement managers and sociologists.

The department staff is trying to plan its work with students according to the requirements of modern life, to develop their business and personal qualities and social responsibility, patriotism and civil duty.

It especially concerns such disciplines as “Sociology of Family”, “Sociology of Personalities”, “Deviant Behavior”, “Political Culture”, “Family Law”, “Ethnic Sociology”, “Ecology”, “Demography”, “Psychology”, “Social Psychology”, “Sociology of Mass Communications”, “PR Theory”.

On the basis of the department of politology, sociology and social communications, a Center of students’ legal defense with Professor Krylov I.V. at the head is opened. It provides legal aid and Academy students’ interests defense in a civil capacity.

O.S. Pavlova together with colleagues from bibliography sector of the Academy organizes regularly cultural seminars and excursions.

M.A. Gunchenko organizes students to visit theatres and museums of our city to develop their artistic abilities (Artistic museum, Literature museum, Museum of Western and Eastern art, Cross-cultural museum, etc.).

Remarkable is participating of the department in the activity of Humanitarian Educational and Development Center. S.S. Vetrova is personally involved in carrying out mass artistic and aesthetic events at the Academy, developing their programs and organizing, for example: The Day of Sociologist in Ukraine, The Day of Informational Society, The Day of Journalist, The Day of the Academy, New Year’s Eve, competitions: “Mister of the Academy”, “Star of the Academy”, etc.

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Upon an initiative of moderator of discipline work, associate professor Pavlova O.S., such events were carried out in 2016:

1.   Practical course for students called “Modern Media Literacy” together with “Social Universe” civil organization ( and students of SOC-1, APR-1, SOC-2, SOC-3 groups (21.02.2016).

2.   Roundtable discussion “Lesia Ukrainka and Her Relatives”, devoted to 145 years since Ukrainian figure’s birthday (25.02.2016) with students of APR-1 group.

3.   Theatrical and literature meeting devoted to 145 years since birthday of Lesia Ukrainka (26.02.2016) together with colleagues from the library of ONAT, APR-1 and SOC-1 groups.

4.   A report from “Shevchenko’s Literature” program called “Слова його лились, текли і в серце падали глибоко…” (from his poem “Prorok”) in ONSL (10.03.2016) together with students of SOC-2 group.

5.   Creative meeting called “My Shevchenko” (18.03.2016) with an expert in Shevchenko’s creative activity, associate professor of ONMA, Diachenko V.I. together with students of APR-1, SOC-1 groups and employees of ONAT library.

6.   Thematic and professional excursion called “Organizing of Advertising and PR Activity in ONSL” for 1-year students of “Advertising and PR” (29.03.2016).

Students’ life in ESI of ISP gives fair opportunities to realize your creativity!


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