Main disciplines of the department

Gender Sociology

Economic Sociology


Ethnic Sociology

General Psychology

General Social Theory

History of Social Theories and Studies

History of Ukrainian Culture


Methodology of Modern Social Knowledge

Methodology and Methods of Social Researches

PR Principles

Demography Principles

Legal Science Principles

Social Communication Principles


Applied Problems of Social Politics

Psychological Diagnostics


Social Ecology

Social Communications of Informational Society

Social Economic Statistics

Social Engineering Activity and Social Forecasting

Sociologic Practicum

Sociology of Globalization Processes

Sociology of Youth

Sociology of Education

Sociology of Personality

Sociology of Politics

Sociology of Labor

Sociology of Religion

Sociology of Family

Sociology of Management


Technologies of Measuring of Informational Society

Communications Psychology Training Course

In 2014, there was students’ recruitment for “Journalism” specialty, “Advertisement and Public Relations” specialization. In addition to this, a number of new disciplines have appeared in the Academy that are taught by the members of the department:

History of Advertising and PR

Mass Communications and Information

Conflict Resolution Studies

Principles of Scientific Researches

Law in the Field of Advertising and PR

Theory of Advertising and PR

Ethics in the Field of Advertising and PR


Advertising and PR in Politics

Advertising and PR in Commercial Sphere

Advertising and PR in the Internet

Advertising and PR in Social Sphere

Advertising and PR in Non- Commercial Sphere

Legal Sciences, Patent Sciences and Political and Legal Culture

Intellectual Property. Law of Contracts

General Legal Sciences