Обидві секціЇ каф. ЛП  The Linguistic Education department Obydvi sektsiYI kaf

From left to right: s. lect. Rogalska-Iakubova I.I., s. lect. Kuznetsova G.P., ass.prof. Ponomarenko I.V., Popletuhina I., ass.prof. Chepeliuk N.I., ass.prof. Chugunova N.V., ass.prof. Tarasenko L.V., ass.prof. Shulgan O.A., s.lect. Radius O.A., ass.prof. Zavalevska O.V., lect. Golub N.M., lead.spec. Posadskova O.V., Arbuznikova O.S., s.lect. Veretennikova V.P.

The Linguistic Education department was established on October 1, 2012, as a result of reorganization of Foreign Languages department and Ukrainian and Russian Languages department. Now it consists of two sections: Romano-Germanic Languages and Slavic Languages.


в.о. зав.каф. Пономаренко І.В.  The Linguistic Education department v

Since March 2016, Ponomarenko I.V. performs duties of the chairman of the department.