Department of Management and Marketing

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The Department of Management and Marketing offers the graduate program 073 ‘Management’, with specializations 073.1 ‘Administration and Organizational Management’ and 073.2 ‘Management of Foreign Economic Activity’.

The main disciplines which make up the professional training:

·       Management

·       Marketing

·       Intellectual property

·       Civil protection

·       Contract law

·       Business English

·       Public administration

·       Organizational management

·       Corporate management

·       Change management

·       Project management

·       Financial management

·       Information systems and technologies in organizational management

·       Quality management

·       International management

·       Economy diagnostics

·       Management psychology

Students also may receive professional training in:

·       Investment management in the field of telecommunications

·       Innovation management in the field of telecommunications

·       Strategic management of telecommunication companies

·       State governance in the field of telecommunications

The main positions with the companies where graduates may work:

·       Managerial positions within enterprises and organizations, including the field of telecommunications and information

·       Banks and various financial establishments

·       Central or regional governmental structures

·       Financial and industrial groups

·       Consultation centers

·       Consulting companies

·       Research and production complexes

·       Technoparks

Today the graduates of Management and Marketing Department of Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications work with strong and successful companies all over Odessa, such as ‘Ukrtelecom’, ‘MTS Ukraine’, ‘Kyivstar’, ‘Odessa Port Plant’, ‘Pivdenniy Bank’, ‘Privatbank’, ‘Ukrsotsbank’ and others.

The principal set of problems the graduate of Management and Marketing Department will be able to find the answers to:

·       Planning and forecasting the economic activity of a company

·       Conducting systematic analysis and forecasting of competition to straighten and reinforce market position

·       Business-planning and developing strategies in terms of expanding markets to ensure highest sales possible

·       Implementing management decisions

·       Creating, organizing and managing human resources

·       Creating and developing corporate culture and company image

·       Conducting the overall administration of the internal affairs of a company

·       Making responsible decisions at the managerial level

Contact Information:

Address: Odessa, 1 Kuznechna St., office 320, 324

Phone: Head of the Department  705-02-29 (2-29)

Teaching section: 705-03-49 (3-49)