Speciality and chair specialisation

Preparation of experts on chair is spent in a preparation direction «enterprise Economy» (from 2017 year 051 Economy) which is accredited on IV level and spent according to the licence which provides preparation of bachelors, experts and masters in corresponding direction.

Scientifically-methodical maintenance of educational process is based on formation state standards, the Law of Ukraine «About higher education», the Decision of the Cabinet of Ukraine About the statement of the list of specialities on which preparation of experts in higher educational institutions for obrazovatelno-qualifying levels of the bachelor and the master is carried out.

The curriculum and variants parts obrazovatelno-qualifying characteristics, obrazovatelno-professional programs about the specialities developed by professorsko-teaching structure of chair, reflect modern requirements to preparation of experts and requirements of the basic employers.

The list of disciplines of an independent choice of HIGH SCHOOL and disciplines of an independent choice of the students, which studying it is provided by the plan, provides preparation of experts taking into account modern and perspective development of communication.

As a whole preparation of experts is aimed at observance of modern requirements of strengthening and national economy development. Received practical skills it is provided with an industrial practice. Realisation of educational process in traditional forms (lecture, practical, seminar and laboratory researches) is supplemented with use of computer systems and networks at performance of practical and laboratory works. All special disciplines are completely provided by textbooks and grants. All laboratory works, a practical training and term papers have methodical maintenance, independent work is provided by methodical instructions.