Methodical work

The chair spends fruitful educational-methodical work, in particular under the edition of manuals, textbooks, methodical instructions on the organization of active methods of training almost on all spectrum to disciplines of chair. More than 50 manuals are during the 2012-2016 years given out, the cores concern:

  1. Banking: [proc. manual. for students in the direction of training 6.090504 “Networks and systems of postal communications”] / Knyazeva E. A., Spilna N. P. Tereshko U.V., Zhadanova Y.O. ; for zag. ed Knyazeva E. A. – Odessa: ONAT O. S. Popova, 2012. 220 p.
  2. Buryak V. G., Zakharchenko L. A., Orlov V. M.,Spilna N.P.Potapova-Sinko N. E. Atlantica G. A., Redkin A. S., Kuznetsova L. V. Economics of postal services. Odessa: ONAT A. S. Popov – 2nd edition, revised and enlarged. – 2012 – 544 p.
  3. L. A. Zakharchenko, I V.. Yatskevich, K. V. Zakharchenko, Y.O.Zhadanova. Cost management in the communications industry, Kiev: “Osvita Ukrainy”, 2nd ed., 2012, – 269 p.
  4. The efficiency of enterprise management in the communications industry: proc. manual. / [V. M. Orlov, I. V. Yatskevich, S.S.Novytskaya, N.P.Potapova-Sinko ]. – Odessa: ONAT O. S. Popova, 2013 – 288p.
  5. Grytsulenko, S.I. Potential and development of the enterprise: textbook. manual. [for stud. eg. to prepare the arena fin. 6.030504 “Economics of enterprise” of Dan. and part-time. forms textbook.] / Grytsulenko S. I. – Odessa: ONAT O. S. Popov, 2014. – 99 p.
  6. Economics of telecommunications: proc. manual. [for students of higher educational institutions]; for zag. edited by V. M. Orlov. – O. ONAT, 2014. – 512 p.
  7. Basics of university education: teach. guidances. / E.A. Knyazeva, O.V. Kuznetsova, A.V. Polyansky. – 2nd ed., Revised. and add. – Odessa: ONAT. O.S. Popova, 2015. – 148 p.
  1. Tereshko U.V., Petrashevska A. D. Economic justification of innovative solutions/ lectures/-[for students of day and correspondence forms of training ]; for zag.ed.U.V. Tereshko. – Odessa: ONAT O. S. Popov, 2015 – 170 P.
  2. Tereshko U.V. Methodical instructions to the preparation and writing of complex task of discipline “Economic evaluation of innovative solutions” for full-time students and distance learning studying the areas of 6.050903 “Telecommunications” – / U.V. Tereshko– Odessa: ONAT, 2015. – 60 p.
  3. Novytskaya S.S. The economic sustainability of enterprise communication: the abstract of lectures on discipline “Economic stability of the enterprise communication” for students of specialty 8.03050401 “enterprise Economy” (economic activities) full-time and correspondence forms of training / Novytskaya S. S. – Odessa: ONAT, 2015. – 72 p

     11. Orlov V.N. Economics of Enterprise Communications: lectures on “Economics of enterprise communications” for bachelors 073 specialty Management / V.G. Buryak, V.N. Orlov, S.S Novytskaya – Odessa: ONAT, 2016. – 61 p.