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The development of the information society forms a new economy in which the main source of productivity is in the technology of generating knowledge, information processing and the formation of new means of communication. Global changes in the Ukrainian economy, due to the transition to the innovation-investment model of development, pose a sphere of communication and information complex problems of technical and technological, organizational and economic nature, the successful solution of which depends the success of the reform of this sector and, as a consequence, its transition to a qualitatively a new level of development. An effective solution to these problems is impossible without high-quality training of future specialists in economics.

the department’s mission is to provide students with knowledge and skills for the modern business management including Internet environment and corporate governance, based on financial and economic activity of the enterprise in the market space.

Training at the department is conducted in the direction of “Economics of the enterprise” (with 2017 .. 051 “Economy”), which is accredited by the IV level and conducted in accordance with a license that provides training of bachelors, specialists and masters.

The head of the department Doctor of Economics, professor Vasiliy Orlov, the incumbent since the foundation of the department.

The main disciplines that are taught at the department: Business Economics, Finance companies, Accounting, Economic Analysis, Rationale for business decisions and risk assessment, Insurance, Banking, Labor Economics and Labor Relations Financial Management Financial analysis, enterprise management efficiency, accounting and audit and others.

The training process involved representatives of the production sector and academic institutions. So, to work in the State Examination Commission for the Protection of final master’s works, as well as to give lectures to students on the most important issues for the economy of communication and information. The department invites leading professionals operators (USEPC “Ukrposhta”, “Ukrtelecom” and others.) And members of the Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research of NAS of Ukraine and other research institutions and enterprises in other sectors of Ukrainian economy.

Teachers of the department are also conducted classes at the Faculty of refresher courses and improve the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market.

The Department organized training courses for accountants “accounting using 1C Accounting 8 for Ukraine”, the preparation is carried out by experienced teachers of the department, as well as invited experts from the teaching program development firm 1C.

Department of widely used modern methods of teaching: development and implementation of distance learning programs, students and teachers participate in online conferences and others.

One of the most important innovations of the department EP and KU is the development and the future creation of a pilot information base of scientific activity of the faculty. The presence and operation of the database allows you to quickly and effectively identify groups of employees needed to carry out one or another of the scientific program. This information base is introduced as a single operating system as part of the Institute of Economics and Management, and eventually throughout the academy.

Given the peculiarity of higher education with respect to Ukraine’s joining the Bologna Process, particular attention is paid to the department of scientific work with graduates – masters. special training courses, created the conditions for the continuation of post-graduate education in graduate school to obtain a degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences ((PhD) PhD in economics) have been developed for them.

Teachers of the department conducted research work with students, the results of which are reports on international and national scientific conferences, participation in contests and competitions, publications in specialized journals. The Department is actively involved in organizing and conducting the annual international student scientific and practical conference on actual problems of communication and information, “Economics and Management in terms of building the Information Society”, which is held within the framework of the Institute of housekeeper and management.

The main scientific achievements of students under the guidance of teachers of the department can be attributed in part of the All-Ukrainian scientific events: Competition Scholarship Program “Zavtra.UA” All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers competition on GCM strategic management, competition of student’s scientific development of “Southern” and others.

The department teachers of all fruitful work with young people, helping students not only with the educational process, but also to solve other social and domestic issues.

Workers of chair take part in national and international actions, in particular:

  1. Eagles of Century of Odessa financial institution, the general publications, the cooperation agreement with the Odessa national university of Mechnikova, North Caucasian, branch MTUS and And (Rostov-on-Don).
  2. Knyazeva E. A. Participation in the regional collection «The Science in Southern region of Ukraine: important achievements of scientific institutions of Southern region of Ukraine in areas fundamental, applied researches and innovative activity», Release IX.
  3. V.M.Orlov participation in a colloquium «Modern lines of development of business economics and its program, methodical and scientific maintenance» on April, 26th, 2013 Dep. Industrial economies (performance with the report).
  4. Knyazeva E.A. Participation in quality of the moderator in carrying out of session of section № 1 «the Condition and prospects of economic relations, cooperation development in power and industry sphere» in limits ІІ the Forum of students of Tajikistan which study abroad (on April, 26-28th, 2013).
  5. Knyazeva E.A, Gritsulenko S.I. participation in working group for preparation of project TEMPUS.
  6. Carrying out of annual International scientifically-practical conference of ОNTA «Economy and managements in the conditions of construction of an information society».
  7. Materials about Orlov V.M published in the book «Scientific workers of Ukraine – state elite». Т ІІІ. – Kiev.: a kind. “Logos-Ukraina”, 2014/ – With. 220.
  8. Materials about Knyazeva E.A. published in the Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine (edition NAR of Ukraine), Т. 13, 2014 – With. 393.
  9. Gapanovich Y.V. invited as an expert in the Odessa region in the international Swiss-Ukrainian program “Electronic Government for government transparency and public participation” of EGAP International charitable organization “Fund of Eastern Europe.” EGAP The program provides for the development of e-democracy in Ukraine according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on November 30, 2016 № 909-p “On approval of the action plan for the implementation of the” Partnership “Open Government” initiative in the years 2016-2018″

The department was established as an independent structural unit of the order of the rector of the Odessa Electrotechnical Institute of Telecommunications named. Popov №01-06015 on 01/27/1989 and was named “Economics, organization and planning of communication enterprises (EO and PPP).” The need to establish the department was caused by the growing need for qualified technicians in economics in the field of communication. For the first time in Ukraine, including the Department for the communications industry has been prepared and published books on the Economy of Communications, namely:

  1. Economy Communications: a textbook for high schools / VN Orlov, NE Potapova- Sinko, VM Granaturov [et al.]; ed. VN Orlov, NE Potapova-Sinko. – Odessa: ONAT O. S. POPOV, the Logos-Service, 1998. – 331 p.
  2. Ekonomіka at the Branch zv’yazku .: Pіdruchnik for vuzіv i fahіvtsіv zv’yazku; At 2 m. / Per zag. Ed. VM Orlov, FZ Mardarovskogo, NY Potapova-Sіnko. – Vol.1 .: Upravlіnnya, planuvannya, resources. / VM Orlov, VM Granaturov, FZ Mardarovsky that іn. 2-d look. pererob. i add. – Odessa: ONAT O. S. POPOV – 1999. – 238 p.
  3. Ekonomіka at the Branch zv’yazku .: Pіdruchnik for vuzіv i fahіvtsіv zv’yazku; At 2 m. / Per zag. Ed. VM Orlov, FZ Mardarovskogo, NY Potapova-Sіnko. – Vol.1 .: Proektuvannya, efektivnіst, fіnansi. / VM Orlov, VM Granaturov, FZ Mardarovsky that іn. 2-d look. pererob. i add. – Odessa: ONAT O. S. POPOV – 1999. – 280 p.

Creation of the Faculty, and later the Institute of Economics and Management has caused the need for a specialized department, carrying out training of economists for the communications industry, including and other sectors of Ukrainian economy. The department was named “Economics connection.” Its composition was formed by splitting the department of EE and PPP. Order № 01-05-175 from 10.09.2003, the Department renamed “Business Economics and Corporate Governance (EG and CG).”

Within the defined priorities, the Department will continue to pursue further improvement and development of both scientific and educational work, improving the scientific and pedagogical qualification of the teaching staff in accordance with modern requirements of higher education in Ukraine

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