Institute of Economics and Management prepares:

  • Bachelors and masters in specialties:

    051. Economics


– “ Economics of Enterprise “

– “Internet – economy”

073. Management


– ” Management of organizations and administration “

– “Management of foreign economic activity”

– “Internet management”

The Economics and Management Institute has an its own interesting history.

In 1992 there was a necessity in the training of economists-experts who would specialize in the peculiarities of technological communication processes. So, engineering and economics department was formed on the basis of Electro communication Multichannel Department of O.S. Popov Odessa Electrothechnical Institute of Communications. It aimed to educate specialists for managerial, economic and financial spheres, that would be capable of performing the accounting, control and Ukraine communications enterprises production activity analysis.

In 1993 the department was separated to become an independent structural unit. At the end of 1993 the end of 1999 the engineering economics department was renamed into the department into the department of management and economics in communications. Under the license of the Ministry of Education and Science the department had the right to educate Bachelors, Specialists and Masters of the fourth level of accreditation in “Economics and business” (a specialization “Enterprise Economics”) and in “Management” (a specialization “Management of organizations”).

Rapid development of communications, market relations in this area of activity forming and new demands to the quality of industry experts education were the cause of forms and methods of teaching improvement. Therefore in 2002 at O.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications the Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics and Management (ESIEM) was founded being based on Economics and Management Department  (ESIEM).

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The main purpose of the ESIEM formation was the development and consolidation of the Academy scientific and research, pedagogical, methodological and financial potential. It was done for the effective complex resolution of staff and research scientific support problems in communications in Ukraine as for the above mentioned issues.

The first Dean of the Engineering-Economics department was an Associate Professor Anatoliy Kalistratovych Tihchuk. From 1996 till 2002 the Engineering-Economics department was headed by Doctor of Science (Engineering) Professor Nina Aleksiyivna Knyazeva. From 2002 till 2007 Professor Olexandr Semenovych Redkin, Honoured worker of science and technology of Ukraine, the Academician of 4 branch Academies of Science of Ukraine was the Dean of Economics and Management.

From 2007 an Associate Professor Zakharchenko Lolita Anatoliyivna, Ph. D. (Economics), heads the Economics and Management Institute.

Since 2007 the experts training has been provided in “Enterprise Economics” and in “Management” for Bachelor, Specialist and Master degrees due to educational and qualification levels.

In 1994 the department made an important step in educating multifunctional specialists that have both engineering and economic knowledge. Special curricula were created on the occasion.

The best students of engineering departments have special education and training at day-time and correspondence departments. The students defend 2 diplomas: in Engineering and Economics. The Institute started to educate specialists in Management (Specialization “Management of organizations”) in 1999.

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The graduation of the corresponding department students in the above mentioned specializations started in 1991.

The main task of ESIEM is the training of experts that specialize in communication economic policies. They should be aware of marketing, investments, tariff policy and financial management priorities and main tasks. The specialists in Economics and Management occupy the positions of managers in different subdivisions and departments. They make projections in engineering and economic development, work in planning and financing, book-keeping, financing and engineering, marketing, staff training and management, foreign economics activity subdivisions and departments. They do their jobs at research laboratories and centres, dealing with the strategy of management, marketing and market activity projections.

The graduates of the Academy work at production associations of operators of communications, research and project organizations of Ukraine. JSC “Ukrtelecom”, USEPC “UTEL”, MTS, DCC, Kyivstar, Golden Telecom, “Farlep” Ltd., DCS, Global Telecom, Internet providers, etc. ESIEM graduates levels of qualifications allow them work in other areas as well: financial structures, gas and oil companies, in Ukrainian RailRoad, defense and law enforcement agencies, private companies, etc.

The institute has a high level of scientific and pedagogic staff qualifications. There are 8 Doctors of Science, Professors, 19 Ph. Ds, Associate Professors.

The staff regularly takes part in scientific conferences, seminars, publish articles, scientific works and monographs which promotes the Academy scientific potential and develop foreign economic relations.

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ESIEM educational process improvement goes on in the following directions:

–                   further unification of curricula and professional training to adapt to customers needs is being planned, as well speeding up the mobility of the corresponding changes introduction into educational process;

–                   methodological recourses revision and integration is being planned to create the conditions for individual studying and students self- studying in all modes of study;

–                   further expansion of the Institute library and information resources;

–                   methodological classroom resources updating, active methods of learning data and computer provision (modules, structural and logical schemes, business games, case study methods, etc).

Postgraduate division and Specialized Board on these defense in Economics gives a possibility to generate, accumulate and save the branch research elite. In 2002 Specialized Academic Board on theses defense in Economics was created at the Academy. It works in the following directions: “Economics, organization and management of enterprises”, “Economics of transport and communications”. In 2007 after the re-registration the Specialized Academic Board continued its work in the following specializations: Economics and Economics Management; Enterprises Management (Economics of Communications).

The Institute of Economics and Management annually conducts conferences and professors-lectures seminars. ESIEM staff also takes an active part in the international scientific-practical conferences on economic issues.

The Institute of Economics and Management promotes the students research activity. It is usually conducted under the professors-lectures guidance. It allows the students to become familiar with the research problems, to increase the educational level, to get acquainted with modern achievements of science and technology, to establish contacts with young scientists of other higher educational establishments. The Institute of Economics and Management annually holds students research and practical conference “Economics and Management under the data society creation”. The conference deals with economics theory issues the economics of enterprises and corporate management, marketing and management, projects management and system analysis.

Students of the Institute of Economics and Management also actively participate in students research conferences, seminars, the Olympiads and contests.

Great attention is given to the Institute students leisure time. The tourist club “Sinilga” has been functioning at the Institute for many years. Its members enjoy hiking to the most interesting sites of Ukraine: The Carpathians, the Southern coast of the Crimea etc. Students of the Institute take an active part in different contests: “Star of Academy”, “Mister of Academy”, “Romantic couple”.

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