The new cloud platform servers department “Communication networks”

Department communications networks within the framework of cooperation with the corporation “Sail” has received and deployed on servers chair cloud platform “jParus.”

Platform “jParus” is a new development corporation “Sail”, is based on a cloud (cloudcomputing) and efficiency-oriented management platform An important feature is the ability to work in an environment freely distributed software. The core platform is server applications. It interacts with the database server and client application performs the most demanding operations, selection, processing and encryption. Server database, besides the storage and database objects, serves preserve the integrity of the database.

Cloud Platform allows you to connect to the system from any point, you only have access to the Internet.

At the department servers, the following system configuration:

  1. “Sail-school” – a system that automates the activities of the institution – school;

  2. “Sail – Hotel” – a system that automates the activities of enterprises hospitality sector;

  3. “Sail -Kovorkinhovyy Center” – a system that automates the activities kovorkinhovyh centers, half cafes, gyms;

  4. “Sail – CRM» – a system that automates the process of customer relationship management;

  5. “Sail – Personnel” -system that automates HR processes and automate HR activities.

Cloud Platform will be involved in training courses: “Information systems and technologies in business”, “Automation of Business Processes”, “E-commerce” taught specialization of the department “Information technologies and systems in business”.

The department wants all comers successful acquisition of new skills !