The chair of “Telecommunication Networks” provides a specialty of “Information Communication Networks”, and from 2017, within the specialty of 172 “Telecommunications and radiotechnics”, will provide the following specializations: “Computer networks and the Internet” and “Information Technology and systems in business”. The chair guaranties professional training including the necessary knowledge and skills to work in almost all telecommunication companies and providers as well as in any business having a computer network.

Today the chair staff includes twenty-two employees, along with professors and associate professors working with young lecturers from the best graduates of the Academy.


Фото_кафедры [object object] Telecommunication NetworksRight to left: Tikhonov V.I., Shulakova K.S., Boiarskykh P.V., TsyraO.V., Shnaider S.P., Nikityuk L.А., Lavreka К.D., Sherepa I.V., Bubentsova L.V., Yavorska О.M., Tsariov R.Y.