общее фото  Department of telecommunication systems

“Telecommunications Systems” department is one of the main departments at the Academy, which graduates students with a degree in “Telecommunications and Radio Engineering”.

The first of the two components of telecommunication networks (TCN) is Core Network. The second one is an access network, which is used to connect the user’s terminal equipment with provider’s equipment in multiservice access nodes.

Telecommunications transmission systems (TCTS) is the backbone of telecommunications networks, starting with a telephone outlet or a PC modem in your house and ending with the same equipment in the room of your partner in conversation, who can be at any place on the world. Every second, millions of people throughout the world communicate with each other, all these people receive information from the Internet, solve industrial and economic tasks.

Different TCTS provide all those capabilities. Studying the principles of construction and operation of TCTS, development of advanced transmission systems based on new principles, design and maintenance of TCTS, and all networks based on it – is the primary subject of 20 disciplines, which are taught at the TCS department.