The Department of Computer Sciences prepares students for specialization 122”CS” in the field of IT. It was created in 2017 due to introduction of this specialization in ONAT in 2016.

 “CS” gives the opportunity to get the complex set of fundamental knowledge in modern IT and to find a decent job in Ukrainian or International IT companies, including those with flexible schedule.

Students specialize in design and development of Web-oriented corporate and informational searching systems, software products for automation of logistics, CRM and ERP systems, Data Mining, AI systems, expert systems and development software for computer modelling and computer graphics.

Head of the department – Sergey Voronoi is the candidate of technical sciences, awarded by the Breast badge of MES of Ukraine “the Excellent worker of formation”.

The scientific interests of the teachers of the department are focused on such important problems as the development of theoretical bases and algorithms for the operation of multiprocessor computers for intelligent systems and technologies, the study of algorithmic support for intelligent systems for processing natural language information, the development of multi-agent systems with the ability to form distributed ontological knowledge bases from heterogeneous sources of information, the use of convolutional neural networks in tasks image recognition, methods of fuzzy search for character sequences in control systems of unauthorized content, neural network analysis methods of Big Data.

The staff of “CS” department provides high level of theoretical and practical disciplines for the students of 122 “CS”. Introduction of the newest methods and methodologies of teaching using modern information technologies is brought into teaching practice due to the active participation of faculty members in internship programs and cooperation with well-known IT companies.

Main disciplines that are taught in “CS”:

·        Algorithmization and programming

·        Computer graphics

·        Computer schematics and architecture

·        AI methods and systems

·        OS

·        Computer networks

·        Intellectual data analysis

·        Web development

·        UI/UX Design

·        Network software

·        Technologies of distributed systems and parallel computing

Employees of the department take part in the educational work of the students of the initial courses of the specialty 122 “Computer Science”. There are meetings between curators and their groups.

The main objectives of the educational work of the department are: creation of comfortable socio-psychological conditions conducive to the formation of general cultural and professional competencies of students; the education of students of high spiritual and moral qualities and norms of behavior; participation in the adaptation of first-year students to university life.