Summary of Education and Research distance learning studies Institute 

Educational and Research Institute of Distance Learning Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications O.S. Popov (hereinafter – ERI DL) is a unit that is part of the Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications O.S. Popov and acting under the Charter and Regulations ONAT within industry regulations and laws of Ukraine.

ERI DL conducts educational, scientific and educational activities aimed at training and retraining, implementation of research, innovation, and has the appropriate level of personnel training-methodical, research and logistics.

Distance learning in ERI DL is provided at the high modern level using electronic means and distance learning technologies.

The main activities of the Institute:

  • Organization of training for bachelors and masters in accordance with state standards of education, training and professional development;


educational work with students aimed at upbringing of highly educated, highly cultured, patriotic citizens of Ukraine;

  • educational work with foreign students aimed at upbringing of highly educated, highly moral experts;
  • scientific research, fundamental, search, applied research and development work aimed at solving the problems of the economy;
  • creating conditions for professional growth of students and staff of the Institute, satisfaction of the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural, moral and physical development;
  • organization of the departments of the Institute, providing information and technical assistance in organization and increasing research and development activities aimed at resolving closely related to the educational process problems in telecommunications, economy;
  • cooperation with universities, industry organizations, enterprises, research institutes and other enterprises and organizations regardless of the ownership (including foreign) according to accredited branches;
  • creating new and developing existing EREC retraining in the field of new technologies in higher educational institutes;
  • systematic work on the search and vocational guidance of gifted students and young professionals, including among foreign citizens;
  • individual work with each student during the study period and the involvement of students in researching work.

Preparation distance learning bachelors ERI DL is conducted in five – and the three-year period of study, Masters 1st and 2nd year of study.

In the first year distance learning ERI DL by budget and contract form of education adopted those with secondary education. Referring preferred persons working in the communications companies regardless of subordination.

In the second year distance learning ERI DL in groups with contract form of study can be adopted those with non-core vocational education (technical college).

In the third year of distance learning ERI DL with contract form of education (STN) accepted those with secondary special education (technical college) in the chosen specialty and those with higher education in non-core disciplines.