For settlement to the dormitory, it is necessary to:

– Write a statement at a resident specialist  (dormitory № 3, 1 floor, Ms. Elena Krasnyuk, phone 705-03-20, mobile 096-453-95-64)

– Pay for accommodation in the dormitory

– Get a voucher at a resident specialist.

2.For settling it is necessary to have:

– copy of the payment receipt

– a copy of the passport (page 1,2,11)

– A settlement voucher received from a resident specialist .

Payment can be made in the following affiliates of the bank:

– “Privatbank”, by the address  Karetny lane, 18 (from the side of the Lutheran Church);

– “Oschadbank”, by the address Sadova str, 14;

Settlement account for paying for living in a dormitory:

Receiver: Odessa National Academy of Communications O.S. Popov

Ch. Acc. № 31257201210090 in GU DKSU Odeskyi region.

MFO 828011, the code of the USREOU 01180116

The cost of living in a dormitory is 100.00 UAH per day.

The cost of living in high comfort rooms is 157.00 UAH per day.

The price includes: kitchen, shower, hot water, iron, kettle, tableware, refrigerator.

The cost of living in a dormitory of unauthorized persons who will be living together with a permanent resident in a dormitory at a total area is ​​43.00 UAH per day.

  1. Come to the dormitory commandant.

Things to have with you:

– payment receipt

– settlement voucher

Dormitories addresses:

dormitory № 1: street. Manezhnaya str, 42.

dormitory № 2: street. Staroportofrankivska str, 71a.

dormitory № 3: street. Novoselsky str, 68a.

dormitory №: 4 street. Academic str, 20.

dormitory № 5:  Nishchinsky composer str, 4.

Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications O.S. Popov reserves the right to change the cost of living in a dormitory, depending on the change of energy cost.

room_lux [object object] Documents for Settlement procedure to the dormitory room lux

kitchen_lux [object object] Documents for Settlement procedure to the dormitory kitchen lux