The Educational subunitis one of the leading subdivisions of the Academy. Its history is closely connected with the history of our higher educational establishment creation. The Educational subunit activity was always in line with modern tendencies of educational process organization in the context of education.

The educational subunit carries out the activity on the basis of ONAT Regulations, the Statute as for the Academy educational subunit, the Academy development conceptions. It follows orders, instructions and administrative orders of the Ministry of transport and communications of Ukraine, State administration of telecommunications, orders and directions of the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Academic Board decisions and recommendations of the Academy methodological council.

V.F. Pavlo, V.Yu. Tyagniryadno, G.M. Gontarenko, A.K. Tischuk, M.O. Matenkov, P.P. Martynenko, S.T. Soroka, V.D. Kuznetsov, D.Yu. Shevelev were the Heads of the Educational subunit during the Academy long–life history. Today the Educational subunit staff works under the guidance of Kochetkova M.V.

The Educational subunit staff assistants provide planning, organization, co-ordination, account, control and guidance of the educational process in accordance with the high educational establishments requirements.

The Educational subunit is structured into activity sectors: organizational activity, time-sheet activity and plans and report documents, curricula and programs, lessons planning, statistics and current work, publishing activity.

Higher education scientific and methodological commission (SMC) that relates to the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine in “Telecommunications” functions at the Academy. The commission is headed by an Educational Process Vice-Rector, Doctor of Engineering, ONAT Professor Zakharchenko M.V.

The educational and qualifications requirements, educational and professional training programs, specialists training curricula in telecommunications, educational disciplines programs, the advanced educational technologies introduction development are the main functions of the commission.

Ukrainehigher education field standards, educational and qualifications requirements (EQR) and Bachelor educational professional program (BEPP) in “6.050903 –Telecommunications’ were developed and ratified.

The Academy gives attention to new educational technologies development.


The Academy was awarded with the Diploma for a substantial contributionto the development of the national system of educationat the IXth Educational Establishments  International Exhibition “Modern education in Ukraine – 2006”(Kyiv) in nomination “Innovative pedagogical technologies in educational process”. At the IVth All Ukrainian contest exhibition “High-techs in education” the Academy was awarded with the gold winner medal  being nominated in  “Hi-Tech Educational Methods”for the intellectual self-educating knowledge  system “Control”development. The contest-exhibition was taking place within the framework of the VIIth  International forum “World of Hi-tech – 2006” (Odesa).


The Academy was awarded with the honored title “Leader of modern education” and a silver medal at the Xth International higher educational establishments exhibition “Modern education in Ukraine – 2007”.


The Academy was awarded with the Diploma and gold medal at the Vth. All Ukrainian contest-exhibition “High-Techs in education” in nomination “Education training simulator systems”. The contest-exhibitiontook place within the framework of the VIIIth International forum “World of Hi-Tech- 2007”.

The Academy was awarded with the bronze medal in nomination “Introduction of pedagogical achievements into educational practice”, the honoured title “Leader of modern education”for long-term innovative pedagogical activity. The title was given for modernization of education in Ukraine at the XIth International exhibition of higher educational establishments “Modern education in Ukraine-2008” (Kyiv). The Academy was also awarded with a Diploma for high creative achievements in educational and pedagogical process contents  improvement. An Assistant Professor Severin M.V., Associate Professor Leonenko L.L. were given an Honored Diploma for  personal creative contribution into youth educational and pedagogical process improvement.


The Academy received a Diploma for high creative achievements in the innovative national education system reformation at the XIIth  Higher Educational Establishments exhibition “Modern education in Ukraine – 2009” (Kyiv). Professor Gofaizen O.V., Associate Professor Kuznetsov V.D., Assistant Professor Severin M.V., Associate Professor Leonenko L.L. were awarded with the Honoured diplomas for the personal creative contribution into youth educational and pedagogical process improvement.

The Academy conversion into a corporate educational establishment, specialists’ training quality control system development, the Academy high-top students’ enrollment quality forming, the Academy graduates labour market and production ties monitoring, advanced educational technologies introduction, educational and methodological base development, humanitarian education and students’ self-management development, the Academy world educational space integration, credit based modular learning system introduction, staff potential renovation, fundamental and applied researches development, the Academy professors and lecturers staff rating motivation, retraining and specialists career enhancement, financial and social base development, energy saving steps are the basic strategic directions foreseen by the Academy development concept.


On the international exhibition – presentation “Modern educational institutions – 2010” (on March, 17-19th, 2010) the Academy is awarded by the Gold medal in the nomination “the Competent approach in educational activity of higher school” on subject Innovative updating of the educational maintenance at the use of the competent approach by preparation of experts; the diploma is received for the powerful contribution to modernization of a national education system);

The rector of Academy is awarded by the Certificate of honor of an exhibition – presentation for the creative organizing work on the modern development of the national education system.

For holding of seminarson a theme “the Analysis of open answers in computer systems of the testing knowledge” is received the Honorable diploma of an exhibition – presentation (lecturers: Leonenko L.L., Assistant Professor of Information technology Department and Severin M. V, the senior professor of Information technology department).

On the International exhibition of educational institutions of Ukraine “Education and career – the Applicant 2010” and the exhibition of foreign educational institutions “Education abroad 2010” the Academy is awarded by a gold medal and the diploma “For achievements in employment of graduates of a higher educational institution” and the certificate in a nomination “Professional orientation work among youth”.


At the 2nd International exhibition “Modern educational establishments – 2011” the A. S. Popov ONAT won the grand prix of the “Leader of higher education of Ukraine” for high performance. For active participation in the innovative modernization of the national system of education, the Academy was awarded with an honorary diploma.

The Rector of the Academy was awarded with the honorary diploma for fruitful organizational work on innovative development of the education system.

At the International exhibition of educational institutions of Ukraine “Education and career – Applicant of 2011” (7-9 April, 2011.). The. A.S. Popov ONAT was awarded with a golden medal and diploma for achievements in the nomination “Achievements in employment of graduates of higher educational institution”. Also the Academy was given the honorary title “Leader of national education” for the highest results in the activity.

At the 3rd National exhibition-presentation of educational institutions of Ukraine “Innovation in modern education-2011” (18-20 October 2011) the A.S. Popov ONAT won the nomination “Innovations in the use of information-communication technologies in educational process” and received the golden medal and the diploma.

The A.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications received an honorary diploma for active introduction in the educational process of educational technologies.

The rector of the A.S. Popov ONAT Vorobiyenko Peter Petrovich was awarded with the appreciation for creative organizational work on the introduction of innovative technologies into the educational practice of gratitude.

For active participation in the development and implementation of educational technologies Kaptoor Vadim Anatolievich, pro-rector on scientific work, and Podnebesnyj Igor Andreevich, the leading engineer of the scientific-training and production laboratory of information-communication technologies in the ONAT, were awarded honorary diplomas of the exhibition “Complex of innovations in modern education-2011”.