Head of the subunit Klyukvina M.М.

The Socio-Psychological and Educational Process Subunit (SP&EPS) was created in February, 2002. Its objective, from one side, is to promote traditional types of activities, coupled with the past achievements preservation and, from the other side, to search and to implement new forms of influence upon students, and to develop new methods of cooperation with young people.

The system of educational process at the Academy is directed to the formation of a harmonious individual, the formation of the conditions for realization of students’ creative potential, and to their spiritual, moral and physical self-perfection. The Academy educational process is oriented towards such targets, as the responsibility for the Ukrainian society development, readiness to protect the democratic reforms, formation of active attitude of young people to the state development process, different forms of self-government implementation, problem solution of the young people’s social protection.

The objective of the Academy educational process system is to prepare specialists, who demonstrate active social attitude, civic responsibility, are able to develop national traditions creatively and to achieve self-expression in a professional area.

The department organizes and coordinates the educational process at the Academy, involving the Center of Humanitarian Education and Development, institutes, departments, humanitarian Chairs, students’ self-government bodies of institutes, departments and hostels in it.

The department’s activity is directed towards the activation of educational and social-psychological process with students in educational groups and hostels.

There are some student centers, which work effectively at the Academy, such as:

  • Council of students’ self-government of the Academy
  • Council of students’ self-government of hostels
  • Students’ union
  • Students’ television studio
  • Students’ council of the Academy museum.

The center of psychological aid works under the SP&EPS, and students can get a necessary consultation there.

The subunit staff organizes lectures and discussions with the students, concerning legal culture formation, law and alcohol violations prevention and drug dependence among students. The educational function of such actions contributes to the growth of legal culture and healthy lifestyle maintenance. To reach this objective the cooperation with medical establishments and the project “Together to health” organizers is established.

The SP&EPS holds such events, as collection of weekly information of the curators and educational process coordinators about hostel inspection; collection of reports of EP (educational process) coordinators; collection of work plans and reports about their execution of the heads of students’ councils of hostels;  educational process coordinators, hostel superintendents, heads of students’ councils seminars on students’ residence rules compliance; student meetings in all ONAT hostels.

The department holds questionnaires, which reveal students’ attitude to the organization of academic and educational process.

Consultative and methodical management of students’ self-government contributes to the development of students’ initiative and independence and involves them in the social life of the Academy.