Dedication of freshmen to students of the Odessa O.S. Popov National Academy of Communications

Dedication of freshmen to students of the Odessa O.S. Popov National Academy of Communications

Every new academic year Odessa O.S. Popov National Academy of Communications begins a bright holiday – the Day of Knowledge. The Academy congratulates freshmen – boys and girls who have become students of ONAT.

On September 1, 2017, freshmen from all educational institutions, parents, teachers and employees of the Academy gathered in the cozy courtyard of the Academy. The honorary guests came to welcome new students too:

• Rabotin Yuri Anatolyevich – Honored Journalist of Ukraine – Chairman of the Board of the Odessa Regional Organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine

• Kobylnikov Alexei Borisovich – Chairman of the Standing Committee on Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Information of the Odessa Regional Council

• Berdnikov Alexander Mikhailovich – director of the ARDO company

• Leonov Aleksandr Dmitrievich – the general director of the TV and radio company “Southern Wave – TV”;

• Natalia Valentinivna Prikhodko – Director of the Odessa Ukrpohta Directorate

• Panchenko Mariya Borisovna – Deputy Director of the Odessa Ukrposhta Directorate

Speaking with greetings, the rector of the Academy Petro Petrovich Vorobienko and distinguished guests spoke about the fact that today’s event is a special time in the life of students, a wonderful and very interesting part of the time from which the light path to knowledge and success begins. They were also confident that each of

the first-year students would be able to reveal their abilities, talents, and realize the dream.

Traditionally, every academic year in ONAT begins with the laying of flowers to the monument to the staff and students who died during the Second World War.

For the freshmen there was a ritual of dedication to students. They were handed in the Holy Fire of Knowledge, which blessed them to conquer the scientific and professional heights! Having ignited the Fire of Knowledge, the rector Petro Petrovich Vorobienko and the students of the first year who brought the Oath of the first-year student.

The right to present a symbolic student’s record-book and a student ticket was given to the head of the students trade union of ONAT Sklyaruk Anastasiya and the head of students Self-Government Irina Karasova.

The holiday program with various numbers for all present was prepared by the activists of the Humanitarian Education and Development center, among them: Kasyanenko Artem with his dance, the performance of the support group ONAT “Elias”, the Ukrainian dance from the girls of the “Shake Up” team and the song “Vidlitay” performed by Anastasia Kuzmina

And in the sky, balloons were released by the first-year students at the Hymn Academy performed by the graduate of the academy Sergei Sichov. At the end of the holiday all the freshmen were wished to master knowledge persistently and zealously, to keep the traditions of the older generations holy, to carry love to the native Academy and Ukraine through whole life.