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From left to right: Ph.D. (History) L.O. Burtseva,
Head of HEDC V.I. Nikitina,
HEDC resource specialist Yu.O. Denezhko

O.S. Popov Odesa National Academy of Telecommunications is a unique establishment, it doesn’t only teach, but also educate. As knowledge itself is only one aspect, only one perspective of a modern person. Only culture, morality, spirituality and patriotism can make the character of a harmoniously-developed individual perfect. That’s why the Academy first of all means profession and science, but obviously on the background of culture and universal values.

That’s why in 1993 for the first time in Ukraine the Humanitarian Education and Development Center (HEDC) was created in the technical higher educational establishment. The initiator of its creation was the first Vice-Rector of the Academy, Professor Mykola Vasyliovych Zakharchenko. In 2002 the Center seamlessly joined the system of the Academy educational process headed by a Pedagogical and Educational Process Vice-rector, Professor Alla Oleksiiyvna Silenko.

The main activity of HEDC is teaching high moral, spiritual and cultural values to young people, forming their active civic attitude, nationalconsciousness and patriotism education, students’ creative talents development, amateur art activities organization, culture and leisure.

During the period of its existence the Center has acquired a reputation of the national culture intellectual location. Such prestige was earned by the  staff members work, philologists, art critics and other specialists from cultural establishments of Odesa city inviting.

In their work they fondly cherish future specialists of telecommunications, harden their forces and character and stimulate inner capabilities. For the spread of World and Ukrainian culture learning a number of lectures was developed in the Center, such as “Western European Art History”, “Ukrainian and Russian painting and sculpture”, “Etiquette”, “Ukrainian Culture History” and so on.

The organization of lectures provides the classes with the students of the Academy not only in academic auditoriums, but in the museums and cathedrals of our city (Uspenskiy Cathedral, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, Roman-Catholic church, Greek church, Arabic Cultural Center). The Academy long-term tradition cooperation with the Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Literary Museum and Local History Museum was formed.

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Victory Day

The students from all regions of Ukraine and from near-abroad and far-abroad countries study at the Academy. That’s why knowledge of Yuzhnaya Palmyra and Novorossiyskyi region history contributes to a better understanding of country’s history and its culture.

HEDCholds thematic meetings, theatre festivals, solemn academic events, dedicated to the outstanding personalities of Ukraine and the significant dates of our state, different concerts, holiday parties (Ukraine Independence Day, Constitution Day, Victory Day, Day of Radio, TV, and Communication Employees’, International Students’ Day and so on).

To activate educational work and cultural life of young students a student club was created at the Center, the objective of the club is to involve talented young students in cultural life, to strengthen creative and friendly connections between the students of different higher educational establishments.

The art activity of different amateur groups, such as, show band of HEDC, “Smart and Humor Club”(SHC) picked team of the Academy and the college of telecommunications and informatization of ONAT “Kislorod” and departments “Smart and Humor Club” teams, teams of intellectual games “Brain-ring” and “Own game in the Academy” (head – lecturer of the higher educational establishment Kumysh V.Yu.), choreographic group (head – postgraduate student of the Academy Olga Reshetnikova), and theatre of comedy and vaudeville (director – Burlaka V.I., theatrical actor), contributes to the art education of the students of the Academy.

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5th Anniversary of ERI of Economics and management

Such events, as student annual admission ceremony, beauty and intellect contests “Star of the Academy”, “Mister of the Academy”, “Romantic Pair”, inter-departments SHC game for the Cup of the Rector; Academy Day; sports festival, devoted to the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine (volleyball game between students and staff of the Academy), and others, became traditional.


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Star of the Academy

Thanks to the Rector’s, institutes and departments Heads support, as well as of sponsors, the Academy team “Smart and Humor Club” participates in the competitions of the highest level, in “Smart and Humor Club Association of Ukraine” tournaments, in the urban, Ukrainian and international festivals, where it portrays Alma Mater with dignity. The team more than once has been decorated with the awards and the gratitudes.

The collectives of amateur performance of the Academy take part in the Ukrainian and academic mass art-aesthetic actions (“Students Spring”, “Students Autumn”, “Miss Student” Contest, etc.), and also in the preparation of the programs of the municipal and cable television.

New Year’s balls are especially popular among the students and the employees with the participation of the dancing club of students and lecturers headed by the Rector P.P. Vorobiyenko and the theatre performances. The participants of the dancing club work at organizing the new choreographic compositions, conduct the active concert activity.


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All these achievements were impossible without the joint efforts of the whole collective of the Centre – collective of like-minded persons. These people impart, not only their deep knowledge, but also their heartfulness, sincere affection, kindness and sincerity.

Lidiya Burtseva, an experienced lecturer, Ph.D. (History), was at the very beginning of the Centre creation. Valentyna Nikitina, a philologist, is the head of the Centre from 2006.

In February 2005, the student TV studio “Academy” started its work at ATV channel of O.S.Popov Odesa National Academy of Telecommunications. The student initiative group has been created with the main purpose to inform the viewers about the overall life of Academy.

The work of creation the e-catalog of all the cycles of the telecasts and the artistic-mass actions which occurred in Academy has been commenced at the Centre.

Centre employees and the artistic collectives working at the Centre render constant advisory and organizational assistance to the departments and the institutes of the Academy in conducting Days of Departments, in handing the diploma to the graduates, Days of Open House, etc.

Today the students accept with great thanks the assistance of Petro Vorobiyenko, the Rector of the Academy, Professor, who cares for the leisure of the future communication specialists and he makes his best to support them financially.

Years pass, generations change, students become parents, businessmen, bankers and simply good people. But the students’ young years remain the pleasant recollection for them. With warmth and gratitude they remember their teachers, most of which have been brilliant personalities.

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